Plenary Sessions & Keynote Speakers

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Sunday, March 18

Opening Plenary Session

Follow Me, I'm Right Behind You: Navigate the Future with Enthusiasm & Vigor

Jody Urquhart, Idoinspire

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Do you ever think, “Why can’t things just go the way I want for a change?” or “Why can’t people just leave me alone?” This hilarious and provocative presentation shows project managers how to get in front of a constantly evolving future and proactively drive change. Be compelled to face the future and have your team navigate change with a sense of urgency and vitality. Embrace challenging situations and people with new ideas, innovation, and conviction. This compelling motivational presentation will increase your comfort and confidence in the face of stress and change. Explore how the only way out is through, and that it can actually be fun to fearlessly innovative.

Monday, March 19

Breakfast Plenary Session & Keynote

Developing Your Leadership Pipeline

Ed Rowell, Senior Consultant, FMI Corporation

Rapid changes in technology, globalization and workforce demographics are significantly affecting the way we do business at every level. These factors are also profoundly affecting our ability to recruit and retain quality people, especially as we attempt to develop them into future leaders. By making certain your organization understands how to attract and retain star talent, you will ensure your leadership pipeline stays full and the organization continues to succeed.


Lunch Plenary Session & Keynote

From the FBI to Private Practice: A Lesson in Cyber Security

John Iannarelli, FBI Special Agent (Ret.)

Incidents that threaten security can happen within any organization--intentionally or otherwise. Retired Special Agent and SWAT Team Member John Iannarelli spent more than 20 years overseeing criminal, cyber, and counter intelligence investigations for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He is a consultant to the NFL, advisor to the Vatican, and has led many extensive investigations to include the Oklahoma City Bombing, the 9/11 attack, the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and the Sony hack. His experience brings a strong perspective to cyber incidents which can threaten organizations both large and small. John Iannarelli will show you how to prevent cyber security incidents and what to do if your data is compromised.

Tuesday, March 20

Breakfast Plenary Session & Keynote

Staff Retention in Construction: A Unique Perspective

Alan Kerschen, Director of Programs, Kimmel & Associates

Retaining good employees has always been a priority for construction companies. Kimmel & Associates has a unique perspective of employee retention because both companies and candidates must speak openly and honestly to us so we can assist in career and company growth. Throughout this process, we learn how companies retain key employees and what the top candidates are looking for within an organization. Based on extensive surveys, learn the top ten reasons why employees leave a company and how your company can retain these employees. It’s the little things that matter the most. This presentation provides innovative and low-cost solutions that company leaders can bring to their firms easily and effectively.


Closing Plenary Session

2018 Capital Projects Symposium Summary, Analysis, and Looking Forward

What better way to close out the 2018 CPS than a town hall session so attendees and speakers can share insights learned as well as tips and tactics to take back to the office. Join CMAA Board Members, Brian McCarthy, CCM, of CDM Smith and Agnes Weber, PE, of Vali Cooper as they facilitate the discussion and share their experiences from the 2018 Capital Projects Symposium.